Monday, December 29, 2008

Well hello there, possums!

It's been aaaages! Dunno wot happened really, lost the blog bug for some reason. Plus the fact that I've been ridiculously but deliciously busy (ie. busy making lots of food for multiple gatherings of lovely people). December has been quite a month!

And it occurred to me, in amongst the craziness, that pretty much every year December is going to be a wild and crazy month. And I love it! There are so many gatherings in December, and just this year another three have been added to what was already a fairly busy month. We know so many people born in early December, but for our family the festivities begin with my dear mother's birth on the 12th. The family always gets together for a dinner together, either at someone's house or a restaurant. This year it was both! We converged at a very unsuitable location (family unfriendly or what?!), chosen by my sweet but misguided sister, and ordered take away gourmet pizza and took it all back to my sister's place, where we all shared and laughed and the kids jumped off the couches and it was much nicer. Then the next day was Indi's first birthday (YAY!), which I had been cooking for over the previous week, freezing stuff to be baked the day before (good plan, will continue doing this), and for which I have exactly zero photos, since my sisters took all the photos and I have yet to even see them. Will post them when I have them. And it went really really well, despite our park location being rained out and having to have it at home instead. It was crowded, but that just meant more joy per square metre really, and Indi was a star hostess! She didn't get freaked out at all, as I was fearing, but just got more and more excited, and when it came time to sing happy birthday she hunkered down in my arms and looked at every one with wide eyes til they were finished hooraying. As I cut the cake and people started milling, she suddenly clapped her hands and shouted "HRAY!", and everyone cracked up laughing, as did she, and she did it again and again and MANG it was so bloody cute, I think I will remember that for ever!

Oh I have one photo, of the cake I made, taken the night before just before I went to bed, satisfied all was as it should be:

Cute huh? I bought the icing flowers, so disregard any visions you might have conjured of me weilding the piping bag, it didn't happen. Much easier to hand over a few bucks at the cake supplies store nearby and buy some fruit mince pies to munch on at the swiss cake shop next door, yum! They were still warm too... But I digress!

OK, two birthdays down, but no rest for me, I had much cooking to do to prepare for the Christmas feast I was planning. I had to be creative and plan well since Christmas Eve my sister wanted us to gather at her place for the first of what will be our yearly tradition from now on, and on the 23rd it was Pa's 92nd birthday (go Pa!!). So three days in a row of gathering with family and wonderful food and celebrating lovely stuff. Plus a last minute invitation to a boxing day dinner at a friend's parent's place, and then tomorrow the last of the lot, a gathering at Mat's aunty's place, again the first of what she hopes will be a yearly gathering, post Christmas. Phew! Let me count them... seven events! And that's not counting the odd 'getting together with friends just coz we like em' thing too, which we also did. For kinda hermit-like peeps, that's a whole lotta socialising. And I have loved every minute of it. Six of those events will be repeated each year, each December, and I reckon it's awesome.

Here are some photos of us since my last post, just random shots of loveliness.

Me and Mat in a lovely moment.

The WHOLE kitty family, with mama top left, papa bottom right, and five kittens in between, all squished onto one armchair. How cute is that? They love each other so much. I think it was a couple of days before the first two kittens were taken to their new home, so I'm glad I took it when I did.

Kingu is the little ginger lady we will be keeping. Mat chose her, and she is most certainly the most remarkable of the kittens. She has pluck, and she purrs a lot. And her name means Chaos Dragon.
She's a TIGER! Fer-O-cious!

Yesterday I finally got my pool swimmable for the first time this summer, and Indi went into it with me! She had a great time! So much better than public indoor pools with their weird chlorine smells and echoes and freakiness, she was much more relaxed in our pool, which made me so happy. She just might be a water baby after all!

I just WISH this shot wasn't blurry, but you can see her joy through the blurriness, and it shows what a busy bee she's been sprouting all those teeth! She has four fully out, and there are two more sprouted below and another two on top. She makes the cutest teensy little bite marks in her cheese slices!

And here is the wonderful Dr Chops, my spirit cat who has gone through so much change and upheaval this past year, and who I love to bits. He is joined by Moo.


Juniper said...

Nalin, love the pix and update! I have been hanging out for you to update your blog - always enjoy reading it!

Would love to meet IRL one of these days - maybe we can organise another AB meet sometime in the new year, or I can get to the Alphy playgroup - if it is still up and running!

jacynth said...

so much joy, it's bursting out everywhere!
so wonderful =)=)=)

Nalin said...

Juniper I would love to meet up! The alphy group certainly is still running, altough possible still yet to ramp up this year, but generally there are two meets per week, one at ceres on a wed and one at someone's house or a park on a thursday. There is a facebook group (private) where we keep in touch and make plans, do you want me to ask Tania to invite you to the group? And thanks for you kind words about the blog. I do enjoy writing it, will try to be more regular this year!

And Jacynth, it is wonderful, I feel blessed. Missing you and can't wait to see your lovely smile again soon. xoxo