Monday, July 21, 2008

Crunchy and the Big Bad Foot!

Sounds like a children's story! But no, unfortunately it's Crunchy's reality. His foot's not much better than it was when he came back home, and after going to the vet today after thinking I could actually see bone (gross and disturbing!), it was confirmed that his toe is dislocated and might have to be amputated. Poor sweetie. He's moping around with a huge sticky bandage wrapped round and round his leg to help give the toe a chance to develop some skin over the bone, otherwise the toe is coming off. The bandage looks like a big club coming off his leg, and he's not happy about it one bit. Plus he has to stay inside at night. We have one grumpy pudda on our hands! He's such a beautiful person though, such a stoic really, he's currently curled up asleep. I'm sure if he could he'd be muttering under his breath.

So we are faced with the decision to neuter him and keep him indoors at night permanently, in an effort to curb his street-fighting ways, and help him live longer, and help our vet costs go down, goddammit!

Mat is not happy coz of all the reasons listed in the "My cat eats cake" post. He wants little Crunchy to remain the free citizen of the world that he is today. He doesn't want to be his "owner", but rather his housemate. Who doesn't steal his testicles. I am torn. As per usual, I can see both sides really well and am sitting squarely in the middle, wringing my hands, looking left and looking right and not really knowing which way is really best. Ahh the challenges of trying to live by one's morals! Not always an easy path to take, and the road isn't always clear ahead. Sometimes you gotta cut a new track through the forest... OK, enough with the dodgy metaphors already.

So maybe we can try keeping him in at night and put off the neutering once we see how that works?

But then if his toe does come off, they'll want to do it in one go, while he's under (so steal his testicles AND his toe.)

D'cisions, d'cisions...

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