Friday, July 11, 2008

I am woman!

Today, I felt good. No, actually, I felt awesome. I felt strong. I felt capable. I was impressed with myself. Is it OK to say that? Does it sound egotistical? It's a shame that in this world it is frowned upon to praise yourself, that it is often considered being "full of ones' self" or arrogant. Well, I don't care, today I will praise myself, coz I feel I deserve it. So should you, you probably did something awesome recently too. Go for it!

OK, so the praiseworthy moment of my day came when I was walking up the ramp to the train station at Preston Market, carrying Indi in the Ergo, feeding her while I walked, pulling my trolley full of organic fruit and vegies and nuts and smoked salmon and (OK, getting distracted by the food... Must... stay... on... track.... - I'm really hungry at the moment, can you tell...) yeah and catching the train and well I just felt like a pretty damned good mother to be out and about like that, doing our shopping to feed us good healthy food, bringing it home without using up any fossil fuels, carrying my baby and feeding her while I walked. It felt good. I felt proud of myself. I spent so many years being so critical of who I was and what I was doing, so many years, that now that I am in a place in my life where I am really *proud* of myself, am really happy with what I am doing and how I am doing it, I just felt it needed to be said. To be proclaimed.

So I did.


Sister Suffragette! said...

This is what I love to see! You rock sista! Good for you- and you know I am loving the fresh vegies angle as well LOL!!!

I feel this way myself so much- I feel sheepish even to write it here as a response- but YES! I feel so much a WOMAN sometimes and it is freakin' fantastic!!!

If I may share my most recent example, we were driving up to the snow and halfway up Mt Buller (erm maybe 2/3rds actually) there was a traffic jam as the snow was so thick that chains were needed and there were masses of people and it was chaos! Anyway, L started crying. Nightmare! I had no coat on, but L was all rugged up in her snow gear so I just got out of the car, put L on my hip and walked up that mountain to the top where the first cafe place is. No coat, no hat, but a baby clutched in my arms for warmth! We walked past so many cars and everyone peered out incredulously at us as we bravely strode in ankle deep snow up and up that mountain. I reached the top easily LOL!!! I had the spirit of woman inside of me giving my legs the energy to keep going, my arms the strength to carry mah babe and I was warm from the movement! I was triumphant at the top and sat down on a snowy bench and whipped out a boob for a hot chai latte for my gal.


Nalin said...

Oh Chrissy, I have tingles just reading that! How awesome! What a wonderful vision. Isn't the power of mumma just incredible, what you will do, the lengths you will go to, and the inner strength that comes from 'somewhere' to make it all happen?!

I'm glad you wrote your story. It's good to toot our own horns sometimes. It's NECESSARY I reckon.

Yay for us!