Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I'm very into them at the moment. They have such a strong life force. After months of neglect over summer once Indi was born, the only plants in my front yard to look chirpy and well were three geraniums by the driveway. A year or so ago I stuck three cuttings haphazardly into the ground, and then forgot about them, and now I have three lovely happy plants all bushy and covered with flowers blazing away. Any plant that can withstand drought conditions over summer without watering gets my praise and recognition, and as a result I have been on a bit of a rampage of late, procuring cuttings from here and there to bung into my yard. I have never come across a plant that strikes so easily from cuttings. You literally just have to pick a branch off any existing bush, trim almost all the leaves off, except for the little young ones near the tip, and poke it into the soil about an inch deep, or more if you can be bothered, but that's it. They barely need a glance after that. And with a new baby this suits me fine! They occasionally need for you to pick off the dying leaves and the dead flower heads, a bit of a prune now and again (or not). I just feel they are very good natured beings, and have decided to build up a bit of a collection. So there you have it, I like geraniums, they are good.


Mary said...

Ooooh I love geraniums too. So tough yet so perrrty. The only plants in my garden that don't die from neglect.

HipbubbyMama said...

I like geraniums too, they remind me of my mum's garden! Lovely pics :)

Nalin said...

Yeah, they're very "mumsy" plants, eh? I planted a whole garden bed full of them today, just cuttings bunged into the ground at this stage, can't wait til they are bushy and flowering. I love getting my hands in the mud!