Sunday, May 11, 2008

She sleeps, I surf

One thing I really quite adore is to have my baby girl sleeping on me, against me, with me. Right now she's sleeping on her side on the breastfeeding cushion, pressed right up against my chest. I have to reach over her to type. She feeds in her sleep occasionally, then lets go. She stirs, wriggles. But she's with me, the whole time, our bodies warming each other. We're both safe in the absolute certainty of the presence and wellbeing of the other. When she needs me I am *right here*. I don't even need to wonder about whether she is sleeping OK, or whether she's crawled out of the covers, or whether she's still breathing (every new parent knows this feeling I'm sure). Coz she's *right here*. In fact she is right up against my heart.
These are special times. She won't be sleeping against me on a breastfeeding cushion all her life. Probably not for many more months, even. So I am drinking this wonderful rich warm experience in, relishing it, like a thick hot chocolate on a cold night.


Mary said...

Yeah, they are special times. Savour away. :)

Welcome to blogdom!

Nalin said...

Thanks Mary! It's a strange new world but surprisingly satisfying at this stage.

Amanda O. said...

Aw... luvery mushy moments! I've got a little someone snuggled into my lap after bibi atm as well. ^_^

Dan said...


In spite of my lack of breasts, ovaries and all other genetic and hormonal similarities to that of a fertile female human... I can still relate.

I can recall the warmth, comfort and security felt when in that very state of being with my own children when they were at that utterly dependent state. Perhaps I also developed and mutual dependence too.

Is wonderful reading your words and a lovely picture you've painted Nails.

Blog-on little mumma!!

Nalin said...

yeah Dan I think as time goes by we will have more and more in common and I will grow to appreciate the journey you have been on for the past nine years. What an adventure this whole parenting caper is, eh? Amazing. And don't worry, it's not exclusive to mothers, I know. Loving dads have just as many mushy moments!

Ombretta Zanetti said...'s so great to hear you so happy! I cannot wait to meet little Indigo!

Love & hugs