Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Onions and Garlic

I had the best time with Indi today! She is such a spritely soul, so full of joy and humour and good cheer. I like her a lot. I mean, clearly I LOVE HER to absolute bits and pieces, a force of love so powerful it leaves me breathless... but on top of that, I really LIKE her. She's my little buddy.
So what's with the root vegetables I hear you ask? Well, just as I was gathering the aforementioned edibles from my pantry, about to work up a magical soupy treat in my new pressure cooker, I turned to Indi who was being held by my beloved in the kitchen - they often hang out with me while I cook which I love - and showed her the items one by one. "Onion" I said as I held up the onion, and "Garlic" I said as I held up a clove of garlic, and much to my surprise and sheer delight, she burst out laughing! Now there is no sound on this planet that pleases me more than the laughter of my cherubic daughter, and no sight more look-worthy than her face full of glee and joy as she chortles away, it's just the best. So Mat and I burst out laughing right along with her. And, as I tend to do when I spring upon some action which pleases my daughter, like a court jester wanting to please my queen, I repeated the above actions - "Onion", "Garlic" - and this time there was even more laughter, she positively cacked herself! If she could have slapped her thighs she would have. So yes, for the next TEN MINUTES, I kid you not, I repeated "Onion" [chortle chortle], "Garlic" [squeal chortle giggle], with Mat and I laughing right along with her and both our hearts just bursting with love and joy. Now the interesting thing was, the garlic was much funnier than the onion for some reason. I experimented by replacing the garlic with a carrot, which also got a fair few giggles, but then when I brought the garlic back, well, it was clear, the garlic was HILARIOUS.
I'm laughing just writing about it.
Kids are so cool.

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Mary said...

Oh my goodness, that is just SO gorgeous!!! I was giggling reading it. Babies are funny.